Earlier this year, SHINee released their sixth studio album titled “The Story of Light,” which was done in three parts. To conclude the trilogy, on Sept. 10, 2018, SHINee released “The Story of Light Epilogue” with their title track “Countless.”

It’s been an eventful year for the idol group. This particular album was the first released after the passing of beloved member Jonghyun.

What makes “The Story of Light” an extra special release was that Jonghyun was sprinkled into every aspect of the album and music videos that accompanied the release of the trilogy and epilogue. Whether there was an extra space for where Jonghyun would be seated/standing if he was still with the group or the hints of their pearlescent SHINee World blue scattered throughout the music video, his presence was definitely felt. 2018 is a special year for SHINee as this year marked the 10th Debut Anniversary for the group.

“Countless” is a pop-ballad with the signature electro feel to it. The music video for the song features the members in artsy and floral sets that give a contrast to the members’ dark ensembles. Each member gives off the “boyfriend vibe” despite lounging around set. They also throw it back to the retro concept that they have done before with their “1 of 1” album. They incorporate a vinyl record playing at the beginning of the video as well as at the end, where each member walks around the disc. But the gem of the music video is at the very end, you get a glimpse of all the members looking up at the pearl-blue sky, which is a nod at how SHINee is always thinking about Jonghyun and that SHINee will always be five.



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