On June 17, 2018 Shinjiro Atae of the co-ed band AAA, released his solo song “Gold Mine.”

The music video primarily features the artist executing choreography as well as following him through scenic areas, looking out into the distance. While the music video is only the short version and does not offer the entire song or video, it still gives fans a good taste of Shinjiro Atae’s sound and style.

“Gold Mine” is an electro-pop dance track that is captivating and dance-inducing. Fans, new and old, will also swoon as Shinjiro Atae smolders when he looks into the camera. Don’t be surprised if you find your heart skipping a beat when you catch his gaze.

“Gold Mine” is off his anniversary album, “This Is Who I Am,” which is slated to release on Nov. 26, 2018!


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