Finally, after signing with YG’s sub-label The Black Label back in 2016, Zion.T has revealed teasers of a new release. Fans of the Korean soul singer have been absolutely chomping at the bit for new music since his last release with the YG sister label last year.  With the constant release date push backs and comebacks put on hold (and the disaster that was the latter half of 2016 and first few weeks of 2017 for the Big 3 label), fans feared they’d all but heard the last of Skinny Red. But on Jan. 21, the elusive artist shared a teaser photo on his Instagram, presumably of art from what fans hope to be a new full-length album.


This surprise comes weeks after Zion.T’s announcement of a show in London on Feb. 17 at the O2 Forum Kentish Town. Going from mostly silence to a veritable whirlwind of surprises for fans, perhaps 2017 will end up being a huge year for Zion.T. As of right now, there aren’t many details concerning the release — whether it’s an EP or full album, tracklist, etc. However, he did officially release a teaser photo and a name.


Entitled “o o” (as in the focus on a zoom lens or the owlish look of a pair of binoculars), the teaser is bright, but there’s a nostalgic slant to it as if plucked from memory: grainy, pastel-light, hazy as if the dawn shrouded in fog. It’s fitting, considering the artist, that there’d be a hint of something “old-school” with this teaser.

Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long for the new release. “o o” will drop on Feb. 1, about two weeks prior to Zion.T’s appearance at London’s O2 Forum. Tickets for the concert are available now at Cult of Ya’s website. For more information about his performance, visit UNITEKPOP’s page for the event.


Edit: After the release of this article, more details concerning the album were revealed, including the track list and collaborators.

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