On June 15, South Korean rapper and hip-hop artist Kang Gogh released his newest single and music video entitled “Stay,” and it was everything fans could have asked for. Watch his creation below!

As soon as the song begins, the ears are hit with a beat so smooth and melodious it becomes immensely difficult to not simply sit back, close your eyes and listen. If one were to close their eyes, they’d be missing out on some of the most gorgeous nature and scenery shots to be seen in a music video.

Hip-hop music videos aren’t often accompanied with mellow music videos. Usually, a stronger bass line leads to an increasingly hyped music video, but this video seems to be one of those rare exceptions. Despite the rather soft audio, the song still holds an impressively strong backbone of a bass line. You might expect the video to center around some beautiful woman dancing just out of reach of Kang Gogh (in a metaphorical sense); however, that is not the case.

Instead, the scenes of the music video switch back and forth, from beautiful fields to sandy dunes to a projection on Gogh’s face. As the camera pans across vast expanses and then closes in on his face, you become lost in a world of music and tranquility — a condition many listeners strive for. All of the images flow together extremely well with the lyrics and Gogh’s tonality, which is the gold -medal prize when it comes to creating and producing the ultimate chill track. You’d be hard-pressed to not stay.



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