On Dec. 10, SHINee‘s TAEMIN gifted his fans with his second album repackage, just in time for the holidays. ‘MOVE-ing’ includes four additional tracks: “Day and Night,” “Snow Flower,” “I’m Crying – Korean Version” and “Hypnosis – Rearranged Version.” Different from ‘MOVE’ which featured fast-paced, rhythmically experimental songs, TAEMIN now shows off his midtempo and ballad sensibilities.

1. “Day and Night”

Referred to by TAEMIN as “a gift [he] wanted to make [fans] listen to,” “Day and Night” is certainly a labor of love. He took part in composing and writing lyrics for the song after finding “I’m Crying” and “Hypnosis” unsatisfactory title tracks. But “after the Yokohama Off Sick [concert] ended … he arrived at the dorm and recorded until dawn.” As the title suggests, TAEMIN passionately sings of a couple who cannot be together because they exist at different times, like day and night. This is also illustrated in the instrumentation. An acoustic guitar and cello take turns directing the mood of the song; the guitar plays in the upbeat chorus and verses, while the cello croons in the pre-chorus and bridge.

2. “Snow Flower”

If you’re looking for a new addition to your winter/holiday playlist, “Snow Flower” is perfect. All the elements for a melancholic winter love song are accounted for: Piano? Check. String orchestra? Check. Lamenting vocals? Check. “Love me please,” TAEMIN almost cries, “understand me please,” calling for the other person to wait and listen to his suppressed feelings.

3. “I’m Crying”

The song title warned you, grab your tissues now. “I’m crying ’cause I miss you … I’m trying to forget you,” and if those lyrics don’t get you going, then the piano and violin accompaniment certainly will. The longest song on the repackage at five minutes and forty-three seconds, the lyrics tell the story of a love lost. Originally sung in Japanese for the Amazon Prime exclusive drama “Final Life” — which TAEMIN also starred in — the Korean version is just as heart-wrenching, if not more so.

4. “Hypnosis”

“Hypnosis” originally appeared on TAEMIN’s first album “Press It” and has earned a spot in his solo concert setlist. The rearranged version features the live band version performed during his concert. “I don’t think I was ever this desperate,” he sings, “I can’t hold on to you, nor can I leave.” The fourth and final track is as melancholy as the last three, holding fast to that sense of loneliness and desperation.

Overall, “MOVE-ing” is another solid installation from SHINee’s youngest member. The body of work safeguards a tender part of himself which he gifted to fans, wrapped so lovingly in these four ballads.

(Twitter, areum-93, YouTube.)

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