You ever just relisten to a song after a while and think, “Hot DAMN this song is WRECKLESS?!” Yeah, I was at the library trying to wake myself up so I could attempt to do loads of work. I figured I’d turn on something loud and ridiculous. Hence why I decided to click “Play” on D-Town Suga‘s eponymous “Agust D.” When I tell you I almost slapped every neck in the library …!

The entirety of Agust D‘s self-titled debut album was a gut-check. Ranging from self-aggrandizing acts of bollock caressing and in-depth conversations with all three of his personas, the album showcased a talent that many may have suspected but very few actually realized in its entirety. “Agust D” was a revelation, a peeling back of every side of himself. Though the lead single was all about proclaiming his clout (not proving, because let’s be honest, this boy doesn’t have to prove a damn thing to anybody), the album itself gave longtime fans and newcomers pause. Raw, fearless, at times painful but wholly honest, we get a peek into the soul of a man yearning for clarity and a need to love himself.

But the kicker is those who tout the album’s more inherently personal tracks are also those who were put off by the roughness in his delivery, the vulgarity in his tongue, the brashness of his bravado in songs like “Tony Montana” and, of course, “Agust D.” For me, though, every aspect of that album has meaning and adds dimension to the man. But when it gets right down to it, there’s nothing like some good ol’-fashioned rugged, grimy, gully rapping to grab my attention and make me reconsider everything I thought I knew about an artist.

Thus my sudden urge to attack necks. Because Agust D didn’t hold back. He was coming for throats! That sort of fire is inspiring — even if not in the most legal ways.

(BigHit Entertainment, YouTube.)

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