And here we have another instance in which I was just slapped in the face with a Koran rapper’s need to be unnecessarily reckless. This time it’s in the form of Queen Mother Cheetah.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of skepticism after Cheetah won the first season of “Unpretty Rapstar.” To be fair, she’s done bits and bobs of music but hasn’t gotten back to the grit of her early career, the kind of snarl and snap that garnered the biggest part of her fanbase. However, not too long after her first single post-UR, the campy “My Number,” Cheetah had something to get off her chest.

And damn did she ever deliver!

Since she went God mode in her final performance on the controversial survival show, I hadn’t actually seen her just … go AWF! Trust me, Mother look ’bout ready to lay a mean mollywhop on somebody. I was all here for it. “Star Wars” saw Cheetah grab for some of that piss and vinegar that got her her A-1 fans in the first place. She collected body after body after body, taking shots at her peers in rap, mainstream or otherwise. She enlisted the stutter off-beat rap of some of her contemporaries to make the point about the style being played to death.

Cheetah came not to play with any basic heauxs. She let it be known: It’s scalping season, and I’ve got the biggest knife.


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