Here it is, ladies and gents. The song that threw me headfirst into my awkward love affair of one Mr. Kwon Hyuk.

I’ve regaled people with the story about how I actually began paying attention to this young man enough that I’m sure at least one of you has committed it to memory. Honestly, I don’t get tired of telling the story, but I’m less inclined to bore you with the same story over and over again.

There’s just something about this song: the production is liquid sex, all soft spots and ticklish angles. The lyricism is really clever, a cheeky bit of flirtation that knocks you backward from the first note. Then there’s Anderson .Paak. The man is just a paragon of style, execution, groove. He has an undeniable swagger that at that time Dean could only hope to acquire.

Obviously Dean had garnered a certain level of respect among producers and artists in the States. So his skill level had already been weighed and measured. His artistic merits are held in high enough regard that he continues to collaborate with artists so many dream to just have a chat with.

It’s a shame how little attention this track gets. The song that comes most to mind when speaking about Dean’s humble origins is “I’m Not Sorry.” But honestly “Put My Hands On You” is a standout track, unique to anything he’d done up to that point and has done since. In his discography, it’s a bit of perfection that deserves more adulation than it gets.


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