Tl; dr: This damn song still slaps after two years.

Okay, so full disclosure. When I first heard this song I was in this on-again, off-again relationship with 2PM. I didn’t know much of their music, but what I’d heard definitely left an impact. But, being the lame-o that I tend to be, I didn’t do much to follow up. Well, Jun.K decided he’d had enough of my flip-flopping and snatched me by my edges and spun me around until all traces of my wig withered away in the wind.

Yeah, the song is that deep for me.

Barring my actual feelings about the album in its entirety, the geniuses at JYPE knew what the hell they were doing when they made “Think About You” the lead single and opening number on “Mr. NO.” The lyrics … sexy. His voice … DAMN sexy. That MV … you may as well just forget your religion because you will be worshiping at the altar of this man’s body for the rest of your life.

But the kicker, the thing that really keeps me swooning two damn years after this song’s release: That. PRODUCTION!

Can we get an amen and hallelujah for the slow jam that courses through this track, PLEASE?! Whoever this BOYTOY fellow is, he’s a cheeky little shit. Everything about this song’s composition is prime for getting ladies (and some gentlemen, I’d wager) prepped for a night of creative acrobatics and animated boot-knocking. While it’s not uncommon for K-pop to get grown ‘n’ sexy from time to time, who even gave Jun.K and BOYTOY the right to …

Just …


The nerve!

The unmitigated GALL!

Ahem: This is quite an enjoyable track. Won’t you give it a listen?

(JYP EntertainmentYouTube.)

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