The undisputed Godfather of Contemporary K-pop. Seotaiji has been making music for well over two decades. Since becoming the founder of group Seotaiji and Boys (with Papa YG and Lee Juno), he’s been reinventing his sound and the way music is made in South Korea. His scope is just astonishing, going as far as making his own symphony orchestra to formally introduce his eighth studio album, “Atomos.”

Thus comes one of my favorite tracks from the legend: “Tik Tak.” There are so many dimensions, the sound palette, the intricacies of the composition. Everything about this song just confirms how important he continues to be to the genre, even if it’s gone further than perhaps his young vision when he initially created his group of Cypress Hill fanboys.

Though not my first encounter with the versatile artist, this was the first time I’d fully explored one of his albums. “Atomos” really was a piece of magic, but “Tik Tak” … There’s just something exceptional about every part of that song. So much so, I had to dedicate some time to his cause.


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