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As 2017 is trekking along, it never fails to make sure K-pop fans are on their toes as another one bites the dust. Recently, L.Joe from K-pop boy band TEEN TOP released that he will be leaving his band and filed a lawsuit against his agency TOP Media to nullify his contract which was set to expire in January of 2018. In January of this year, TEEN TOP was given the opportunity to renew their contracts as a group. Members C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo all agreed to resign with TOP Media while member L.Joe had some conflicts with the company. L.Joe claims that TOP Media did not keep their word after discussing a possible solo debut. Also when L.Joe was considered for casting roles in dramas and movies, TOP Media did not follow through with the procedures needed for him to participate. As a result, making L.Joe frustrated with TOP Media and how they managed him.

TOP Media has released a statement claiming that they are hoping that TEEN TOP’s album, set to be released in March of this year, will be completed with all 6 members with the possibility of L.Joe promoting with the group. TEEN TOP has already finished their first trial of producing the album, where L.Joe has participated. TOP Media states that L.Joe is now refusing to complete the album due to his lawsuit (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW TOP MEDIA). Many Angels, TEEN TOP’s fandom name (also known as the most peaceful fandom in K-pop), are furious with the agency and want them to do everything in their power to make L.Joe stay. They do not want to see their precious fan service king leave TEEN TOP. But also, many Angels are supporting L.Joe through his decision realizing that he had put a lot of thought into this difficult decision and wouldn’t have made it if he didn’t think it was the best for himself. Now as a hardcore Angel myself, I will 100% support L.Joe with whatever decision he makes because I want him to be happy. I will also support the group through any difficulties they may have like I have been ever since their debut.


Okay, story time! I have been a fan of TEEN TOP since their debut and I will always remember how I found them. I have been a K-pop fan for about 11 or 12 years (and I’m only 18) and back in 2010, I was really curious about groups that were debuting. I heard the name L.Joe and Lee Byung-Hyun (L.Joe’s real name) and was really curious. I found a video of rookie group TEEN TOP preparing their debut with their song ‘Clap”. I remember specifically that when L.Joe was given an interview at that time, he just recently came back from studying abroad in the U.S. and gave his interview in English. IN ENGLISH!!! (still dies) He made me even more interested in the group and I have been with TEEN TOP ever since. So L.Joe is the reason why I got into TEEN TOP.

I have seen this boy grow from a shy, very very short boy to an over going, fairly decent height, FINNNEE MAN! L.Joe is that type of person who makes sure that you can’t take your eyes off of him by showcasing aegyo but yet manly features. He is known as the fan service king within the Angel fandom because he always makes sure that everyone is happy when he is around. He loves to bring people joy. In 2014, L.Joe released his first song on TEEN TOP’s 20’s Love One Exito album named “Love U’. This was a slow song for the vocalists of TEEN TOP (Chunji, Niel, Ricky, Changjo) to sing. Ever since then, L.Joe has been consecutively writing songs for TEEN TOP’s album with songs ‘Hot Like Fire’, ‘Please’, ‘Warning Sign’, ‘Please, Don’t Go’, ‘Day’, and “Day After Day’. His songs are loved by many Angels all over the world and we all hate to see him leave TEEN TOP but we all know that he wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t already know the consequences.

I will support L.Joe forever and I really hope to see him return as a soloist and slay the stage once again. Thank you L.Joe for blessing us Angels with your existence in TEEN TOP and showcasing all of your talents for us Angels. TEEN TOP wouldn’t be TEEN TOP without you and we will always chant your name loud and proud in the fan chants. You will forever be in my heart L.Joe along with many other Angels. Please stay strong and everything will work out. So… L.Joe,

Thank You.

Also, I made a video revealing more of my thoughts on what happened. Please excuse all the crying… I really love TEEN TOP with all my heart.

What are your thoughts?
Video: Thank You L.Joe

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