The moment that all Jamiroquai fans have been waiting for. The genre-bending acid jazz band is making its musical comeback after over ten years!

Though the album release date hasn’t officially been announced, a quick search through a German Amazon site revealed both the album title and the new album’s tentative unveiling. Delays notwithstanding, fans should anticipate Jamiroquai’s newest endeavor, entitled “Automaton,” on Mar. 31.


Jamiroquai’s dropped a teaser on their official YouTube channel on Jan. 16, and fans were gifted a hint to the musical direction of Jay Kay’s electro-funk outfit. From this first “transmission,” it’s obvious the band has their sites on more of the future sounds that marked their shift in musical direction with 1997’s “Synkronized,” and further with 2001’s “A Funk Odyssey.” Though many diehard fans of the band lament the shift in musical focus, bemoaning the switch from their acid jazz roots to more electronic-based funk, Jamiroquai has always had a penchant for revolutionizing and embracing new trends and techniques, adding depth and a wider scope of their compositions. The switch toward electronica further cemented Jamiroquai as more than just a band. They’re an interstellar space-aged experience, led by a self-proclaimed Space Cowboy in their enigmatic frontman, composer and songwriter, Jay Kay.

As if the promise of new music weren’t enough, Jamiroquai officially announced summer tour dates on their website on Jan. 17. Beginning on May 25 in Tokyo, the band plans to embark on a musical journey across Europe and Asia.


While there aren’t any dates Stateside at the moment, fans shouldn’t be disheartened. If there’s one thing  Jamiroquai has proven over the years is they never leave their fans wanting. All I can honestly say is it was a blessing to see that legendary headdress, and even more of a blessed occasion to hear the lazy Cockney drawl in Jay Kay’s soulful delivery. The Space Cowboy has finally returned to us!

[Jamiroquai Official Website; YouTube; Amazon Germany]

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