In the past two months, two major K-pop ticketing events have occurred: GOT7’s TURBULENCE IN USA fan meet tour and BTS’ WINGS tour. Purchasing tickets was chaotic at best, with tickets being sold from different websites, vendors, and–worst of all–scalpers. For those who are fortunate enough to not be aware of what ticket scalpers are, congratulations! For those who have had the unfortunate run in with individual re-sellers, you are aware that ticket scalpers can often be the one obstacle that stands in the way between your eyes and your bias on stage.

Following the initial sales on Ticketmaster, LiveNation, and Powerhouse for both events, hundreds of fans were left heartbroken and without tickets. Soon after, though, mysterious listings began to pop up on second hand ticket sale websites such as StubHub and VividSeats, selling tickets that were unavailable mere minutes ago.

The only catch–they are charging almost double the initial cost.


These are the current prices for seats at the BTS WINGS tour in Newark on March 24th.  Initially, Terrace level seats cost $50, Plaza Level Cost $150, and GA P1 cost $250.


These are the current ticket prices for the BTS WINGS tour in Anaheim on April 1st. Initially, Upper Level cost $50, Mezzanine Level cost $100, Lower Level cost $150, And GA P1 cost $250.

However, as concert dates draw closer each day, there is also a scalper out there who becomes increasingly concerned with the tickets they have not sold. As you can see on the images above, these scalpers are not just holding one, two, or even three tickets. Some of them are still holding on to eight tickets!  If you work out the math, even for the cheapest seats possible, the inability to sell eight tickets would result in a profit loss of $400.

The hope of many fans is that as the selling deadline draws nearer, the scalpers will lower their prices in the hopes of still turning a profit. While that theory is plausible, lowered prices to do make up for the despair and anxiety caused to the fans who struggled to find tickets. For those who are still not able to purchase tickets even after the lowered (yet still inflated) price, the act is inexcusable.

In the minds of many, no amount of profit turnover is worth putting humans through months of stress and begging. Apparently to some, the concept is a mere hobby. Hopefully, they will see the distress and disgust they cause, and raise their morals.

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