According to unconfirmed schedule, a new subunit of NCT will debut in October possibly named NCT B.

Back in June SM Entertainment has told the press that they have plans on releasing new NCT units during the second half of this year. They shared one will be a Korean unit and the other a Chinese unit. So far that Korean unit was NCT DREAM who released ‘Chewing Gum’ back in August leaving fans to question about the Chinese Unit…

No plans on which members will join this unit just yet but this photo of a possible SM schedule circulating the web has fans anticipating a debut this month.

Fans are excited about the possible debut this month, many have been waiting for Qian Kun and WinWin to debut ever since they were revealed in NCT’s reality show ‘NCT LIFE’. As well as what other mysterious members will be joining them.

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  1. PLEASE! kun needs to be in that sub unit, as well as win win and the chinese members of NCT Dream, i can’t wait for their debut

  2. Omg I can’t wait!!! I’ve been really liking NCT so far, their music sounds awesome!! I’m super excited to hear the Chinese sub unit, because I love SM’s Chinese versions ❤️ Looking forward to their debut, NCT fighting 💯☺️

  3. YESS! i will love to finally see kun in a sub unit, and i think all the chinesse members will be more confortable speaking chinesse

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