MACG Productions has some wonderful news. With express permission from Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s largest concert tour and festival promoter and ticket distributor, MACG has the pleasure of acting as press for the Texas leg of “Asia On Tour.”

What exactly does that mean for MACG? In a nutshell, we get the ability to provide press coverage at the Dallas and Houston shows — April 14 and April 15 at the Dallas and Houston House of Blues, respectively. What does that mean for our readers? As this is the first major Japanese event MACG’s covering, it means you all get to take part in some unique promotion we’ve planned for the debut of the Japanese section of MACG Magazine. It also means you all get full access to our coverage of the headlining acts: Thai band Slot Machine, South Korean rock band Kiha & the Faces and … Miyavi!

That’s right, the legendary Miyavi, folks! This is a man who’s been redefining the very nature of guitar playing and Japanese rock music since 1999. Of course, the entire roster of this show is enough to make any fan of South Asian rock lose their minds. Slot Machine has been rocking out since high school, and they’ve carried their dedication to the craft for the past decade, continuing to expand their sound and their skill to become one of the most eclectic rock bands to come out of South Asia. Of course, Kiha & the Faces has made quite a name for themselves in Korea’s indie scene since 2008, bringing their brand of progressive and even at times experimental rock to the national consciousness.

For MACG Productions, this is more than an honor. It’s, quite frankly, a dream come true. We are so excited to bring you coverage of three of the most sublime rock acts to come out of Asia in the past decade and a half!

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EDIT: For clarity, some of the wording of this announcement had to be altered. To be clear, MACG isn’t personally involved with Asia On Tour or any official promotion. MACG Productions is doing press and unique promotion for the tour separately in the magazine and other outlets. MACG is not affiliated with Live Nation, Miyavi, Slot Machine or Kiha & the Faces, does not work for them, nor is part of any PR or advertising for Live Nation, Asia On Tour or the artists. Apologies to our readers for any confusion.

To find out more about “Asia On Tour” (including ticketing information), visit the Live Nation website and Facebook page.
To find out more about Miyavi, visit his website and Facebook page.
To find out more about Slot Machine, visit the band’s website and Facebook page.
To find out more about Kiha & the Faces, visit the band’s website and Facebook page.

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