The multi-talented HyunA recently dropped by Dallas on a leg of her very first American tour, “The Queen’s Back.” Presented by KpopMe, this tour has not only proven HyunA’s international popularity, it has shown why she so rightfully deserves the title of queen.


As soon as the show began, HyunA appeared under the spotlights like a mystical goddess. During each performance, she ignited the stage with charisma and charm in a truly captivating fashion, and every single member of the audience was fixated for the entirety of the show. Fan favorites, such as “French Kiss,” were met by endless cheers and the sound of attendees happily joining in to sing along.


Although no one gives it to us quite like HyunA, that’s not the only reason she stands as K-pop’s queen. For me, it was how she interacted with the crowd during intermission: acknowledging everyone who called out to her, making genuine efforts to communicate with her fans, and continuously expressing her love and appreciation for us.


I found it especially telling that she even took the time to pose for pictures on each side of the stage and the center to ensure that fans were able to snap plenty of photos from different angles. We have all attended concerts and tried to capture that perfect shot only to later find something in it out of place or blocking the star. It was a special treat for her fans that she went out of her way to provide, and I know that everyone adored her even more for her thoughtfulness.


Overall, “The Queen’s Back” was incredibly fun, and HyunA burned down the stage with her stellar performance. I think a lot of fans can echo my sentiments when I say thank you to KpopMe and HyunA herself for tackling this project and putting on such a great show. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to see her again soon!


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