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On September 9, 2016, MACG Magazine had the pleasure of attending the Back and Forth 2016 US Club Tour at their final tour stop in New York City at Club Syndrome, hosted by SIVA Group.

The night started off very interesting to say the least. Door time was supposed to be at 10pm but due to an increased set length it was moved to 9pm. For some, the last minute time change may have messed with their initial travel plans, but after sitting on a bus for 6 hours straight from RVA to NYC, my team definitely wasn’t complaining. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we made our way to Club Syndrome. It was a bit difficult to find at first because the building numbers weren’t in plain view for us to see and there were no signs or posters stating that pointing fans in the direction of the club (and if there were we sure didn’t see them)  However, this was only a minor obstacle, there was a line full of  excited Hallyu fans forming that reassured us we were in the right place.

(Photo Credit: Zada Adams)

At 9pm, we entered the Syndrome 42 Lounge, and may I just say kudos to the designers because this place is beautiful!139-2-42-west-out-hotel-nyc

(Photo Credit: Club Syndrome)

Now this could’ve just been a case of anxious fans standing around for two hours waiting to be let in to the main floor, but it was anything but that! The DJ blasted songs by Jay Park, Simon D, EXO, BTS, Crush, BIGBANG, and more, getting us all hype and made the mood much more welcoming. We interviewed some fans fans, made new friends, and took more pictures!

Q’s: Name? Where your from? Who you think the special guest tonight is? Who is your favorite member of AOMG?

Daphnee: My name is Daphnee, I’m from Brooklyn New York. Who I think the special guest is…I think it’s kind of obvious that it’s Simon, and my favorite member of AOMG is Jay Park!

Seannia: My Name is Sennia Larkin, I’m from Atlanta Georgia but I moved to New York two years ago. I think the special guest might be Simon D, or maybe Gray, I hope it’s Jay but you never know. My favorite member of AOMG has to be between Jay Park and DJ Pumkin.

Jenny: My name is Jenny, I’m from Stony Brook, New York. I think the secret guest is Gray, and I’m here for Simon D!

Casey: My name is Casey, I’m from Bathesda, Maryland. I think the secret guest is Gray and Simon Dominic, and my favorite member is Loco!



(Photo Credit: Zada Adams)

As 11pm drew closer we began to line up by the curtain that would  lead to the main floor. There was another event that had just ended in that part of the club so they were a couple minutes late in letting us in. In the time we were waiting some fans grew a bit rowdy, but the DJ quickly took charge and played more music that quickly changed a rowdy crowd into an impromptu choir! Well played DJ. Well played indeed. Eventually, the did allow us into the main room (again the designer did an amazing job here!)  and boy the spectacular show that was presented to us was definitely worth the wait.

I can’t help but applaud everyone who was on stage that night. They put on an amazing show despite the fact that they had just flown in from California the previous night and were probably all tired and/or jet lagged. DJ’s Pumpkin, Wegun, Spray, Son, and Rob Swift, along with Yumdda, VJ Hazard, Booba, and Doldbae. There was never a moment of dullness in their sets, their song choices were on point, and they kept the crowd excited. Not to mention with the addition of Ugly Duck and special guest Simon D!  All in all the Back and Forth US Club Tour get’s two thumbs up from me! Can’t wait to see what else SIVA Group has in store for us in the future!

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