About a month before tickets went on sale a friend asked me to go see Kidoh at the Hallyu Entertainment KPOP ALL NIGHT event with her and another friend. At that moment, I had absolutely no idea who Kidoh was, let alone Topp Dogg, but I agreed because I had never even been to Kpop concert. We bought our tickets, booked the hotel, got our bus tickets, and planned outfits for a whole month. I tried to listen and watch as many videos and songs by Kidoh as I could between work and school to get more familiar with his music. Fast forward to December 16, it is 1 PM and we are in downtown Dallas walking catching Pokémon and taking in the city with all our bags. We get to our hotel, already tired from the trip, one of us takes a nap while the other two arrange outfits and shower schedules.

The venue was not packed when we got there, most likely since Kidoh and Supreme Boi weren’t going to perform until midnight or a bit after. The venue was too big for the amount of people that attended the event, but the lineup and the songs played before the concert were perfect. Once the music started playing everyone was allowed inside. It was all slow for the first hour, people slowly started to trickle in throughout the night. I was impressed at how so many knew the dance moves to the songs and confidently got on stage to show their skills. I personally only got on for songs with no choreography, I was born with two left feet. I could tell it was getting closer to the performance by how people got closer and closer to the stage. In the beginning, there was at least a 2 feet gap between the stage and the crowd, towards midnight the gap shortened to a couple of inches.

There was a moment of nervousness when everyone was ushered off the stage. The gap closed, I was close to a speaker and could not contain my screams along with everyone else. The moment Kidoh and Supreme Boi came on stage the crowd went wild. They did an amazing job at hyping everyone and getting the crowd to sing (scream) along with them. I had not had this much fun at a concert since I was in middle school. It all happened so fast, it felt like it only 5 minutes had passed. I couldn’t believe it when they were walking off stage. The fans screamed for an encore, and they jumped back in with KFC. That night it happened to be Kidoh’s birthday, so before he left the stage the crowd sang him happy birthday and a small group of fans presented him a birthday cake. He thanked the crowd and disappeared with Supreme Boi.

The night doesn’t end until all VIPs get to meet Kidoh and Supreme Boi and take pictures. Since it was my very first experience in a K-HipHop concert I bought VIP tickets, I was not going to miss that opportunity. Go big or go home right? Even though I was not a big fan compared to my friend, I couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited to meet them. After everything that was said and sung that night, Supreme Boi being a bit camera shy made my heart melt. Both men were nice and polite for the short interaction. I apologize to Supreme Boi for pulling him roughly close for the picture, I was too happy. My friends and I stayed until we were almost kicked out of the venue, one of us needed to see Kidoh till the very end. I have never had that much fun at a concert, I smile every time I think of it. Needless to say that I’m patiently waiting for Kidoh to release his new album this year!


All photo credits go to Hallyu Entertainment, Allie Norado Photography and LiLy Huang from Hallyu Entertainment.


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