As we get into the second week of the New Year, more and more Korean artists are making their way to the States. On Dec. 27, 2016, KFam Media announced Hi-Lite Records rapper Paloalto will be embarking on a US tour.



The hip-hop artist has named his tour “Unite” in the current social climate, it’s certainly a title many can stand behind. Sign o’ the Times, as Prince once said, we live in an age in which there’s so much divisiveness among cultures, ethnic backgrounds and ways of thought, a tour like this could be just the thing to bridge the gap between differing views and, as the title suggests, unite concertgoers under a common love of music. Granted the shows are all 21+, and the Meet and Greet following the California shows are 18+, a show like Paloalto’s “Unite” is certainly a positive way to start 2017 amid so much uncertainty.

It’s always a blessing for US fans to be able to go out and support their favorite artists, especially when those artists so rarely get the opportunity to visit the States (or anywhere further than Japan). However, it is unfortunate that most record companies have limited scope when it comes to the idea of a true “tour.” Most envision the States to consist of New York City and LA, sometimes San Francisco, and even more rare Chicago and Atlanta. Such is the case with Paloalto’s list of shows, which surprisingly includes a stop in Philadelphia and Vancouver–to be able to call it a North American tour. One can only hope in the future record companies, and particularly independent labels such as Hi-Lite Records, will continue to reap higher monetary yields in the New Year, thus giving their artists a wider range of cities to visit.

Paloalto’s “Unite” North American Tour begins on Feb. 3 at San Francisco’s Origin Boutique Nightclub and is being presented by Soul Krush Entertainment.Tickets are available at the Soul Krush website.

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