One September 5th (KST), widely popular K-Pop idol boy band, BTS (방탄소년단), started releasing mysterious short films, titled under WINGS, onto their official twitter. Many fans were thrown into a frenzy as they try to decipher the meanings of the short films. After being confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment that BTS is set to make a comeback within the next few months, many fans are anticipating what exactly is the meaning behind these short films.

With each release of WINGS short films that focus on each individual member of BTS, many fans are trying to decipher the deeper stories of the short films. Similar to their past releases, there seems to by an underlying story that has been connecting with each era/concept of albums. Their latest release “Young Forever” told of a story of youth and now it seems as if the release of the short films are related to the theme of their last album.

But with no official explanation or clear definition of what this upcoming release, many fans are drawing up their own theories as to the story behind each short film and how they are connected to one another. Many take to different social media platforms to share their own theories as two what is happening to the BTS members as each short film is released.

It is very exciting to see fans come up with many in-depth and deep connections as to what lies within the short film teasers. Whether it is simply connecting to a piece of literature to the film or linking the short films to past releases from BTS, many fans are getting seriously creative with these theories. Every release of a new short film, the theories are tweaked or changed to make sense of the whole story.

Only time will tell when the album releases what the true story of the short films and the overall concept will (hopefully) be explained.

For those who are curious to know the theories that some fans are thinking of, simply search up “BTS WINGS Theory” on social media and see the many magical theories that fans are thinking of. Let’s see if certain theories that dedicated fans have thought of, come true.

Keep up to date with each video release from BTS through BigHit Entertainment’s Official YouTube Page and Twitter. Also follow BTS’ Official Twitter for more updates on their upcoming release of WINGS.

Watch BTS’ first short film, “BEGIN” here.

Source: BTS Official Twitter, NAVER


  1. Well I’m a Fan and I was so frustated because I didn’t know whats going on in their shorts films so I serched in a lot om fan pages and I saw the reactions of jess in YouTube. I think they really know how to take you’r atention and that’s why, in these days are wining, and thanks to them we are readign the Demian’s Book.

    I’m from México BTS LOVE YOU.

  2. I love how successful they are. The music, dance and voices are really perfect. I watched every short film over and over again. I am fascinated by them. I have my own opinions and theories but it’s always good to hear others theories 😀

  3. I Love that they make their Mv’s into real art where they let everyone have their own opinion without it being right or wrong…BTS are amazing and i hope they stay together for a very long time

  4. Bruh, them theories be crazy. But You will find yourself binge watching theories on YouTube 😂😂 But if you seen the video from their latest asian tour, they have an intro short film with them all taking a picture together in the beginning and then at the end they show the picture and only Jin is seen in it. Lots of people think everyone dead but Jin…which I’m starting to believe. Hmm.

  5. i have been going crazy with all the theories, i want to have a theory but then i just wait for the others to make a theory

  6. BTS is driving me insane! With all the theories and hints, it’s actually challenging to keep track on it. One moment you are searching or watching the latest music video of BTS then the next thing it lead you to their very first music video. BTS’ all comeback and song is actually only one big picture or book. It’s all connected and it held several meanings and realizations on it. One must think out of the box to decipher what BTS or BigHit want to portray or to tell you. And this is one of the several reasons why I sincerely love BTS. Thank you for all of their hard work!

  7. Yasssss! BTS were driving every fucking ARMYS in the world insane! and ARMYS also were genius for making lots and lots of theories (i honestly believe in every theory that i read coz they were all true besides they also got lots of proofs and evidences) I think also that this is why BTS got bigger & bigger all over the Milky Way coz their concept is very unique that it makes you wanna think and know what is behind every mind fucking MVs! Love BTS from the Philippines! Fighting! <3

  8. I love how everybody is getting together to figure out what is going on 😊
    I really through that the whole theory thing would’ve been finished after Young Forever but it seems that we are on this for the long run 😂😂

  9. I love how everybody is getting together to figure out what is going on 😊
    I really through that tge whole tgeory thing would’ve been finished after Youn Forever but it seems that we are on this for the long run😂😂

  10. I think I have figured most of the meaning of the Music Video. There are a lot of symbolism, as well as, references to the Bible and the Greek mythologies. I really appreciate how Blood Sweat & Tears stands out over most K-Pop music videos. The album contains individual tracks as well which makes more personal. Thank you Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, V, and Jungkook for making music.

  11. ALL OF THESE THEORIES ARE TOO MUCH FOR MA BRAIN 😂 But damn, when BTS were releasing all these trailers… I was at school… And everytime I got the notification I would scream in the classroom and everyone would question me ;-; 😂❤️

  12. I lost my brain in these theories!! but i love the way that all these videos are connected! The last MV show me the index missing and now i understand. Thanks a lot! BTS we all support you!

  13. I just love the whole concept and the darker turn it’s taken. I also love the fact that it’s been based off of a book that the members have read and that that allows us to really read into the deeper meanings of their ideas more ♡ BTS fighting!! @thejesslyfe brought me here ♡

  14. That’s amazing that someone actually made an article to talk about the theories that are going on between Armys. Because yes, we are all really confused but I’m happy people are talking about the new album Wings! Boys getting their recognition.

  15. Well, even tho the new album has already come out, we still fucked up with these theories so, i dont think we will ever get what they were trying to say or express with the HYYH series, but the Demian book helped a lot to understand at least a bit of the story. Im proud of how the boys are getting the recognition they deserve with this new album, they are so talented, i feel like a proud mom.

  16. Well all these theories mess up with my brain, i guess i’m not the only one affected. This boys are so talented and what they did with the Run Series was amazing, maybe they didn’t do it with that purpose or maybe actually that was the main reason, but what they did with it was so beautiful, the songs were already wonderful but with the videos everything somehow conected, i actually told all these theories to one of my teachers in high school and she got so into it, she really liked the idea and the concept, and now with this new album she loved it, i believe these kids are amazing and have a truly future in the music industry, they deserve everything they earned and more, i feel so proud to see things like these articule and people that started to apreciate the meaning of their music, i just love them.

  17. i loooooooove how they used literature as inspiration for their comeback, i havent seen an artist do that before and i love getting exposed to great pieces like this ♥️ i stanned the right group ☺️

  18. i really like how bts made their mv and there’s a lot of theories that make your mind blown , at first i saw their mv just like usual , i just listened to their songs and meaning, but then i saw one of bts fan *army* posted a theory about one of the mv , i watched the RUN MV , after i watched the theories , i felt like i was so amazed and had a goosebumps coz i didnt realized i missed that part and their story that connected to each MV , and that is when i started to give all of my love to BTS , 방탄 화이팅 !! 아미 화이팅!!

  19. bts make my mind blown by their theories and army are so smart , i dont even think of the clue that they left behind , and how they connected other MV , the first theory that i watched was RUN mv , one of army posted , and it totally make my mind blown , from how they left the clue , all of the small clue that i left behind , and the members who died in that mv or what are they doing , all of it was a clue for army , and this is so amazing & awesome , BTS is the first boyband group that made me interest by their MV ,theories , their fan service , and there are more to tell !! i will definitely watch their concert if next year they decided to hold a concert in my country !! 방탄 사랑해!! 아미 화이팅!!

  20. Me encanta BTS y sus mvs son geniales y ademas tiene tantas cosas que incluyen en ellas que te llevan a pensar que todos estan conectados y encima dan pistas de su proximo comeback..como boy meets what..y con el ultimo mv ya no entiendo nada..pero ellos cada vez van creciendo aun mas y llegan a todas partes del mundo…los amo….

  21. srly… bts is such an amazing group~ all these theories are too much for my little brain to handle lol i hope one day bighit explains it all!! 😀

  22. I’m so happy that a giveaway for WINGS is happening!!! I love that they’ll get recognition for this and that everyone is paying so much attention. Thank you so much!

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