The summer comebacks continue with TWICE‘s “Dance the Night Away”! This fun-filled track will be the group’s first summer single that is also featured on their repackaged album “Summer Nights.”

The video starts off with the girls waking up on a deserted island with all their luggage. They decide to make the best out of a bad situation and waste no time in setting up makeshift tents. They start to explore the island and all of its wonders, giving viewers a breathtaking look at the gorgeous landscapes. The night begins with them throwing a party leading up to the early hours of the morning. The video ends with the girls looking out into the ocean and spotting a cruise ship. They show no interest in calling for help and decide to remain on the island.

As always the choreography is well done and highlights each of the ladies. Their formation and transitions are topnotch! Can you imagine dancing like that in the sand?


“Dance the Night Away” is one of those party songs you’ll have on repeat with its carefree lyrics and adventurous summer vibes! To listen to more from Twice, check out their repackaged album “Summer Nights,” which also¬† includes their previous title track “What Is Love”!



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