While fans of U-KISS have been patiently waiting for a Korean comeback from the group, two members, Kiseop and Hoon, have come together to release a new Japanese music video titled “Train & Milk Tea.” U-KISS is widely popular in Japan and it comes as no surprise that fans get another Japanese release from the group.

The music video for “Train & Milk Tea” features two different songs combined into one video. The “Train” portion of the music video is a ballad filled with sadness and longing. It showcases Kiseop and Hoon in a dark and muted set. One of the sets also includes Kiseop onboard a train. Toward the end of the song, Hoon packs up and gets ready for his own trip.

The “Milk Tea” portion of the music video is not long compared to “Train,” coming in at only 45 seconds. “Milk Tea” is a much brighter and happier toned song, where Kiseop and Hoon’s harmonies are better showcased.

While both parts are complete opposites of each other in terms of feel and look, the video works with both songs blending in with each other. Hopefully, the next time we see Kiseop and Hoon is when the U-KISS members are ready to make their Korean comeback. For now, we are happily content to see them doing well and continuing to put out new music.


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