On May 30, 2018 Japanese soloist Utada Hikaru released the short version for her latest release, “Hastukoi.” While the music video only shows a portion of entire video and song, Utada Hikaru brings an ethereal and calming vibe with her ballad.

The music video features not only the artist herself, but is also an aesthetic pleasure to the eye with the lighting of different objects to show the concept of time moving fast or slow. There is clarity in the objects and people, giving the feeling as if you’re taking a deep breath and letting out a long and slow exhale.

“Hastukoi” is a calming ballad that invokes a sense of peace and reminiscing. It is one of those songs where you simply must close your eyes and get lost in the vocals as Utada paints a story of longing and love.

Utada Hikaru is known for songs such as “First Love,” “Flavor of Life” and “Final Distance.” Her opening songs for the Kingdom Hearts franchise are also well known as she sings both the English and Japanese versions for the games and will be singing the opening song for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


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