Rookie group VARSITY is back a year and a half after their debut with “Flower.” The song is described as a “vocal chop, glitch hop” track. The 12-member group expresses their distaste for their love interest’s current partner.

“Glitch hop,” which is s subgenre of Electronica — like Techno and Ambient among others — is a slightly new direction for K-pop and a different sound for VARSITY. As the name suggests, the instrumental utilizes synths that skip and jump, as if a robot is short-circuiting on the track. Surprisingly it doesn’t detract from the group’s vocal delivery.

“What did he say this time? Tell me,” the first verse starts. “What do you mean it’s not a big deal? Why are you crying, then?” Even without the love interest’s voice or dialogue, this isn’t a happy conversation. Just from the first line, it’s clear that the relationship is toxic. VARSITY wants them to leave their partner and come to them, where they will treat them like a flower. Chivalrous, no?

What did you think of “Flower?”

(YouTube, ColorCodedLyrics.)


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