In July it was announced that Japanese visual kei rock group SuG will be going on an indefinite hiatus. The shocking announcement was posted on their official website and as a result caused high traffic and eventually led to the site crashing.

It is unknown as to why the hiatus is happening, but the group posted their deepest apology through the website and Facebook. The group’s leader and main vocalist, Takeru, shared his thoughts on the hiatus.

We did everything we could, and even everything we couldn’t.
Yet, in the end, we couldn’t protect SuG.
I’m sorry, everyone, but at the same time I’m utterly disappointed in my own helplessness. For someone who didn’t have hope in life, being able to meet this band showed me what living really means. If I hadn’t met my band members, our fans, and our supporting staff members, I feel I couldn’t have lived those irreplaceable precious days.

And when everything went wrong… The fact that such a coward like me chose to take on the challenge in search of hope was only made possible by the fans. When I was weak, when I was torn, you all gave me strength. I am sincerely grateful that you enabled me to face forward and keep on challenging myself in a SuG-like manner until the end. It might be selfish, but for the time that is left I’d like to choose to be grateful rather than sorry. Those 10 years were saved by the words and sound that my heart bore and everyone’s thoughts and feelings.

Thank you.

The band is known for their “Heavy Positive Rock” image, which promotes topics like love, having fun and living a happy life. They produced songs such as “sweeToxic,” “R.P.G.~Rockin’ Playing Game,” which was used as an opening for the anime series “Fairy Tail,” and their most recent single “AGAKU.”

The hiatus will begin after the band’s 10th anniversary show on Sept. 2 at Nippon Budokan. Please continue to support the band and help them celebrate their 10th year!

Are you shocked by the sudden news? Let us know how much you’ll miss this talented group in the comments below!


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