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MACG Magazine is proud to share this series of interviews conducted with various artists who contributed to “Winter Dreams”, a project celebrating South Korea and its hosting of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Click here for streaming and lyrics video. The interview series is presented in English and Hangul where necessary.

MACG Magazine (MM): What was your inspiration for your song/this project?

AKUA (A): 아쿠아는 이름때문인지 늘 ‘BLUE’ 의 이미지가 강하다

사실 ‘BLUE’란 색깔에서 영감받고 그것에 대해 많이 생각한다.

하지만 이번 프로젝트에선 오직 ‘겨울’, ‘겨울이 주는 분위기’

‘쓸쓸함’에 대해서만 생각했다.

‘겨울’이 떠올려주는 색깔들만 생각하며 영감을 받았다.

Because of the name ‘AKUA’, our music always get a ‘BLUE’ image. In fact, we are inspired by the color ‘BLUE’ and I always think a lot about it. However, in this project, I only focused on ‘winter’, ‘the vibe of winter’, and ‘loneliness’. I thought of it and was inspired by the colors that remind me of winter.

MM: What are you excited for fans to see/hear?

A: 거짓말이 아니고 모든 노래가 좋은 컴필레이션은 처음이다.

컴필레이션에 참여한 모든 아티스트가 다양하고 다채롭게,

저마다 각자의 방식으로 “겨울’을 그려서 앨범에 담았다.

앨범에 담긴 색깔들이 다채롭다. 이런점을 포커스로 들었으면 좋겠다.

I’m not lying, but out of all the compilations we’ve participated, this is the first compilation that I felt like all the songs are so good. All the artists who participated in the compilation are diverse and colorful, Each of them wrote “Winter” in their own way and put it on the album. The colors in the album are so colorful. I would like to focus on this point.

MM: What does this project mean to you?

A: 우리는 사실 평창 올림픽 기념에 대한 의미보다 한국 씬에서

지금껏 거의 없던  indie / Synth / Dream / Eletro pop 등의

장르들로 채워진 컴필레이션이 만들어 진다는 것에 더욱 흥미를 가졌다.

그리고 이런 음반을,  멋진 아티스트들이 모여 각자 ‘ 자체제작’ 한다는 점도,

이런 모든 것들이 가지는 ‘첫시도’에  큰 의미를 가졌다.

Rather than the meaning of this album being a Pyeongchang Olympics tribute, we were more interested in the fact that this compilation is filled with genres such as indie/Synth/ Dream/ Electropop which have not existed in the Korean scene at all. And the fact that this cool album was self-produced by wonderful artists themselves, and also had great significance in the ‘first attempt’ of all these things.

MM: How does this body of work compare to previous works?

A: 아쿠아가 보여왔던 많은 리버브 사운드와 공간감, 청량함에 집중하기 보다

겨울이란 계절이 가진 분위기와 희뿌연 쓸쓸함을 음원에 담고 싶었다,

Instead of concentrating on the many reverb sounds, the sense of space, and the coolness that the usual AKUA has shown in the past, I wanted to capture the mood of the winter season and the haziness of the loneliness.

MM: What do you hope the fans take away from this project?

A:  위에서 언급했던 것과 같이, 이 곳 씬에 지금껏 없던 장르들로 채워진,

여러가지로 ‘첫 시도’가 담긴 컴필레이션 이라고 생각한다.

평창 올림픽 기념의 의미 뿐만 아니라,

사실 이러한 부분들에 더욱 포커스를 맞추고 음반을 들었으면 좋겠다.

제 2의 , 제3의 이런 다양한 장르, 멋진 의미의 음반들과 무브먼트가

씬을 더욱 다채롭게 채울수 있도록 !

As mentioned above, I think it is a compilation of various ‘first attempts’ filled with genres that have never been seen in this scene. I would like to focus not only on the meaning of the PyeongChang Olympics tribute but also on these parts when you listen to the whole album. So we can see more of these wonderful and meaningful compilation albums with various sub-genres in the future, and may these movements fill our scene to be more colorful!

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