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MACG Magazine is proud to share this series of interviews conducted with various artists who contributed to “Winter Dreams”, a project celebrating South Korea and its hosting of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Click here for streaming and lyrics video. The interview series is presented in English and Hangul where necessary.

MACG Magazine (MM): What was your inspiration for your song/this project?

Love X Stereo (LXS): We focused on a singular moment that will change your life forever.

MM: What does this project mean to you?

LXS: As producers of this album, not only to give a proper tribute to the winter Olympics, we wanted to bring a positive vibe towards the scene and fans that independent movement is still alive and breathing, (just like we did in the 90s when there were so many independent compilation albums back then), and wanted to showcase an array of great indie rock/electronic artists to the world who mostly “self-produce” their own art.

MM: How does this body of work compare to previous works?

LXS: Honestly, it was a lot of work for us. We did everything from recording to printing and shipping all the CDs. We are so very grateful to all the backers from our crowdfunding project, who believed in us and supported us all along. Thank you so much!

MM: What do you hope the fans take away from this project?

LXS: Aside from K-pop, there are so many great artists out there. Dive in! You’ll be surprised!

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Launched in 2011 by former skate punk rocker Toby Hwang and fugitive astrophysicist Annie Ko, Love X Stereo brings electro-rock and vibrant synth-pop to fans across Asia and North America. Learn more about the band on their website and support their work through Patreon.

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