X Japan fans will be sad to learn that the band’s drummer YOSHIKI has canceled his schedule for the rest of May, due to scheduling an emergency cervical artificial disc replacement.

Over the years, YOSHIKI was known for his powerful drumming style which unfortunately led to him being diagnosed with cervical foraminal stenosis in 2009.

Despite this YOSHIKI continued performing with a rigorous schedule for his solo tour and with X Japan and as a result has severely damaged his nervous system.

In October 2016, he suffered from a disc herniation and by January 2017, the symptoms YOSHIKI developed over time ranged from numbness to loss of movement in his left hand.

Orthopedic Spine surgeon Dr. Neel Anand had this to say, “I had the pleasure of seeing Yoshiki, who has a C5-6 disc herniation with left arm radiculopathy. He has been recommended to have a cervical artificial disc replacement.”

Dr. Tommy Tomizawa added, “It was decided upon consultation that he will undergo emergency surgery as the condition of his neck at present will interfere not only with his career as an artist but also with everyday life. From viewing the results of the MRI and CT scans, the damage is so severe that it is apparent that he has experienced considerable pain while performing.”

It is unknown if YOSHIKI will be present for X Japan’s World Tour of Japan We Are X 2017 in July or his Premium Dinner Show in August.

The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th in Los Angeles.

Let’s all wish YOSHIKI a safe and swift recuperation!


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