While it may be strange seeing him under the new YG Black Label, Zion T has returned with all of his usual sweetness and wonder with his self-produced track, “The Song”.

The iconic glasses are back! By now fans have accepted that a sighting of Zion. T without his glasses is rare, but like his voice and style, the quirky spectacles have become a part of who Zion. T is as an artist. Fans were graced, however, with a sighting that is as equally rare as Zion. T without glasses: a full fledged smile … braces and all! Because he is one of the few artists in the Korean music industry that has braces after debut, it is uncommon for listeners to get a glimpse of Zion. T’s smile.

The major difference between Zion. T’s latest comeback and his previous music videos definitely lay in the set design. While previously it was customary to see minimalist backdrops in his music videos, the abundance of colors and wacky set props in “The Song” is more characteristic of YG Entertainment, who are known for their funky music sets. Whether this change is good or bad is debatable; it certainly shows a more out-going side of Zion. T that fans have been missing,  but it also increases the risk of causing distraction from the actual song.

Zion. T’s sweet message and endearing awkwardness with women are the final notes that tie the ribbon on this perfectly packaged song. Like his previous song “Eat”, Zion. T once again wishes for fans to listen to this song after a long, hard day; a sentiment that has become a classic in his music. He is hopelessly and adorably awkward for the lucky lady on the receiving end of this notation. Perhaps this only adds to his lyrical message of “I hope this song doesn’t get as popular as my other songs” or perhaps Zion. T truly is a real-life sweetheart.

All in all, Zion. T’s comeback marks the beginning of a great musical journey in 2017. Check out “The Song” and his full album “OO” today!

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