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Musician Ben Kweller’s Son Dorian Zev Dead at 16

Ben Kweller
Source: Meaww

A tragedy that breaks one’s heart. Ben Kweller, a singer and composer, said that his son Dorian Zev had passed away at the age of 16.

“There is no way that I can be typing this yet I am…. I don’t know how this is even possible. Our son, Dorian Zev Kweller, was slain last night. Even though he was just 16 years old, he was already a great legend. The most compassionate spirit, and a friend to everyone. If you knew him, you would understand,” the singer of “Falling,” who is now 41 years old, wrote on Instagram on February 28 with a photo of the young man who had passed away. According to a number of news sources, the musician’s wife, Liz Kweller, stated in a separate post on social media that her husband, Dorian Zev, had been killed in a car accident.

Ben went on to praise his late son’s commitment to music-making

“Every day, Dorian Zev would write new songs and record them. A genuine poet from the moment he first opened his mouth. Even though just a handful of his recordings were made public, he was making progress and was enthusiastic about his quest. He was making so many preparations!!! SXSW, which is an annual arts conference and festival held in Austin, Texas, was the venue for his maiden performance, which was to take place in two weeks. My final conversation with him was by text, and it was about the merchandise he wanted to design.

The distraught father continued by saying that he and the rest of his family were “in total shock” as a result of the loss.

“My little kid was standing at the starting line with a whole lot of life in front of him… I really don’t understand why things of this nature keep happening,” he wrote.

How did Dorian Zev Kweller die? Singer-songwriter Ben Kweller's son, 16, dies weeks before first gig | MEAWW

Source: Meaww

The comment area was inundated with condolences and expressions of support from Ben’s fellow artists after he passed away.

“We are beyond devastated, but we count ourselves fortunate to have met him. According to the official Guster Instagram page, “Dorian lived sixteen years full of the love and brightness you gave him.”

The response made by Michelle Branch was, “I’m very sorry. Heartbreaking.”

Ben Lee continued by saying, “Oh my goodness, Ben Lizzy I can’t believe this here for you in any way you need love you so much im so sorry.”

The young person published a song under the name “Hickeys” just four days before Dorian passed away.

Along with a picture of the song’s cover art, he posted it on Instagram along with the caption “Hickeys is out now!!!! ” This song was Dorian’s sixth single release overall.

The musician who became known for his hit “Wasted & Ready” shared the tragic news of the death of his kid with his fans and asked them to listen to Dorian’s music.

“As long as we are still living on this planet, we will never get over him. “Please keep his spirit alive with your memories and the music he made: @reallyzev,” Ben said, connecting to the Instagram page that his son maintains for himself.

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