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Musician Brian Blackmore died over the weekend. investigation underway

Musician Brian Blackmore died over the weekend. investigation underway

Brian Blackmore was found dead on Rebecca’s farm property. The property organized equestrian triathlon for people to enjoy their weekend. flathead country officials have said his body is sent to the forensic department to look for the actual reason for his death and provide a detailed report on his death.

police officials reported a call, when they reached the location they found Briand dead. police have not informed the media of any other details about the death yet.

Brian was a 52-year-old musician who was trying to make it big. he was popular on social media networks like TikTok, Instagram and gathered a huge following on social media sites.

he frequently used to post on social media and he made a loyal fan base.

He was working as a musician for the past 22 years, due to social media exposure he even released some songs a couple of years ago.

the recent release by Brian Blackmore:

2020: High When You Are Gone, Running The Night, Breakdown, and Monsters.

2021: “Tag sale” and “Blue Hearts,” in 2021.

July 2022: “I Licked IT, So It’s Mine.”

there has been another guy name Brian Blackmore who is dead, the musician seems fine. he is posting on social media updates. people are confused about whether one of them or both have died.

Family and marriage of Brain:

He is not married yet, he might have children with women because he is in the entertainment industry and this is very common among entertainers.

Musician Brian Blackmore died over the weekend. investigation underway

 He is known for dating a girl called Kelsey but he keeps it private.

The net worth of musician Brian Blackmore:

a lot of people on social media assume that he is a millionaire but it is not true. there are some sources that claim he made over a hundred thousand dollars through his social media work.

he has created over 7 songs in his lifetime. he earns money via influencer promotions and deals he gets on social media

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