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My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Spoiler Reddit

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Spoiler Reddit
My Hero Academia Chapter 350 Spoiler Reddit

My Hero Academia may be all about Izuku, but Shoto Todoroki is a close second in terms of leads. The half-and-half Hero is one of the most popular in the manga, and his origins have long been a source of contention. Now, the manga is providing Shoto the opportunity to confront a part of his past in person, and this final act promises to let the youngster do something his grandfather could never do.

The entire setup was revealed in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. At the end of Chapter 349, Shoto confronts Dabi after learning that the villain was born Touya Todoroki. When Shoto was teased for battling his older brother, he replied:

Efforts of Endeavor:

“You’ve got everything backwards. I’m not here on the orders of anyone. I’m standing here because I decided to stop you “He said. “If I disregarded you and kept trying to be a hero anyhow, [becoming dad’s puppet] might just be true.”

If we know anything about the Todoroki family, it’s that Endeavor drove the clan into a tailspin. Because of his one-track thinking, the man abused his family, committed his wife, and terrified his children. It got to the point where Touya faked his death and became a villain merely to get even with his father. But unfortunately, Dabi is just as stubborn as his father, whether he realizes it, and their burning passions are two sides of the same coin.

Because Endeavor has spent his entire life being “Endeavor” and has only recently begun to strive to be more “Enji Todoroki.” In Dabi’s terms, physically harming him or his family would cause no actual harm when you think about it. On the other hand, Shoto is not like his father or older brother. The boy is identical to his mother, and it is from here that he has a compassionate heart. His mother’s caring personality inspired Shoto to become a hero who protects people, just like All Might did, and this is what the youngster wishes to accomplish for Dabi. 

I never aimed to be a hero:

What Dabi committed as a villain cannot be redeemed or forgiven, but Shoto can relieve the guy from his agony. Izuku showed Shoto how to let go of his anger towards Endeavor, and it helped him become a hero despite the man. After all, Endeavor has never aspired to be a heroic figure who saves others. Instead, his natural impulse is to win; keeping the people he fought for was never in the cards.

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