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Nalie Agustin dies at 33; Her cancer journey inspired many peoples worldwide.

Nalie Agustin dies at 33
Nalie Agustin dies at 33

Montrealer Nalie Agustin on Tuesday passed away; she was fighting a battle with breast cancer started in 2013. She was 33-year-old, a cancer advocate and also a public speaker, social media influencer, and best-selling author’s Instagram reads: In 2013, Montrealer Nalie Agustin was diagnosed with early-stage of breast cancer and had a recurrence in 2017 – it was a stage 4 diagnosis, as it had spread to her lungs. 

Agustin had explained, “In 2020, unfortunately, when the metastasis went from the lungs to the brain and that was a very traumatic time,” When she started chronicling her journey with early-stage breast cancer, Montrealer was only 23 in 2013. She decided to open up about her health challenges on YouTube and inspire others living with the same disease.

Overcome with cancer –

Montrealer Nalie Agustin has overcome her fight with cancer, but four years later, her cancer returned, and this time it was stage four. However, she did not let her stop from continuing to tell her story in her way. She continued telling stories.

Agustin’s Instagram says, Many people posting their condolences and sharing memories-

Agustin’s Instagram posted, “On behalf of the Agustin and Thakrar family, we thank you for your support and outpouring of love. We thank the Great Spirit for the gift of Nalie’s life. Details on the celebration of Nalie’s life will follow.”

Stephen Voyce said – “I have no words. You inspired many of us to keep fighting no matter what circumstances life threw our way. You are a symbol of hope; you made us see that anything and everything is possible. May you rest in peace,” 

Svetlana Chernienko wrote – “My heart is broken. still can not believe that you are gone. I just heard the news and I’m in disbelief. You are such a wonderful and pure soul that has impacted so many people including mine. Your memory will live on in everyone’s heart. You will always be remembered. Thank you for sharing your truth story, courage and vulnerability with all of us. My condolences go to everyone that loved you loved,”

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