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Nate Thayer Dies: The Popular American Journalist Died At The Age Of 62

Nate Thayer
Image credit- Abc News

Journalist Nate Thayer, who interviewed Pol Pot, passes away at age 62. Let’s look at more information about Nate Thayer and his cause of death.

What Happened To Nate Thayer?

Last year, Mr. Thayer wrote that his health was deteriorating, that he had developed sepsis following foot surgery, and that the doctors had told him he “would never walk again.”

He spent his final months composing poetic odes to his dog Lamont, his “best companion,” while his health deteriorated.

Nate Thayer Cause Of Death

The body of Robert Thayer’s brother was discovered on January 3, but the exact date of his passing was not immediately known. The sibling told AFP that the man “had a lot of diseases and was extremely ill for many months.”

Apart from the fact that his death was confirmed, it is currently unknown exactly what caused it. Robert Thayer’s precise cause of death was also not made public.

Who Was Nate Thayer?

Nate Thayer was an American freelance writer who lived from April 21, 1960, until January 3, 2023. He discussed violent wars, drug trafficking, international organised crime, and human rights.

Most well-known for having spoken with Pol Pot while serving as the Cambodia correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review. The Cambodia Daily and The Phnom Penh Post are only two of the magazines that Thayer contributed to in addition to Jane’s Defence Weekly, Soldier of Fortune, the Associated Press, and more than 40 others.

Nate Thayer

Image credit- Fox News

Nate Thayer Career

The highlight of Mr. Thayer’s career as a journalist, and one that brought him international recognition, was his reporting on Pol Pot’s final months. His research also provided crucial historical information about the “killing fields” legacy of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979. As the government worked to impose a radical agricultural Communist system, an estimated 1.7 million Cambodians—among them academics, physicians, dissidents, and others—were murdered.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists stated in a 1998 award that “he lit a page of history that would have been lost to the world if he hadn’t spent years in the Cambodian bush.”

Nate’s Early Life

In 1960, Thayer was born in Massachusetts. Harry E. T. Thayer served as the US ambassador to Singapore from 1980 until 1985. Thayer attended the University of Massachusetts Boston for his studies.

He participated in the Boston-based Clamshell Alliance from 1980 to 1982, acting as its spokesperson for anti-draft and Seabrook nuclear power plant protests.


1. Who was Nate Thayer ?

A. He was famous American journalist

2. What was his Nationality?


3. How old was Nate Thayer?

A. 62 years old

4. What happened to Nate Thayer?

A. He was died due to illness.

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