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Nerice Moyce a pregnant lady accused Subway of putting a knife in her sandwich order

Nerice Moyce a pregnant lady accused Subway of putting a knife in her sandwich order

Nerice Moyce is a 21-year-old pregnant girl from Suffolk, England. Two weeks ago she felt hungry and order a Tuna sub from the nearest subway. When she picked it up she found that a knife was under the sub. 17 weeks pregnant Nerice got freaked out and she got scared to see a kitchen knife under her sub.

Nerice Moyce said the sub with a knife could have ended up with children. Children aren’t dumb who would eat a knife but she can make assumptions.

“I was with my partner and we got hungry. I am currently pregnant and always getting cravings so my partner went on his phone and ordered a Subway,” she told the Great Yarmouth Mercury. “I just opened it up and was like ‘hang on, what?’. We both sat there in shock.”

“My partner called Subway in Gorleston High Street and asked ‘have you lost one of your yellow knives? And he was like ‘Wait. Are you being serious, like actually?’” She remembered

 Nerice Moyce discussed the incident on Facebook with her friend :

Nerice Moyce like all young people posted a video on Facebook where it is clearly visible that a knife was under the sub and she could not believe her eyes. It is seen in the video that she lifts her sub and there is a knife lying below it.

Her Facebook friends were no help. they tried to scare the pregnant lady. “Lucky you didn’t cut yourself!” Exclaimed Xanthe Staddon.  “Irresponsible and dangerous how many others have found [knives] in under their food don’t take no bull from them,” wrote Jill Lock. 

Moyce is happy that the situation ended with a knife not hurting anyone

“Straight away I was like, ‘imagine if a young child or a teenager had found it’. I am glad that it came to me,” she said. 

Subway has contacted Moyce and they will soon take action:

Moyce wants subway to be responsible and apologize for the mistake. She still has the evidence knife with her.

Nerice Moyce a pregnant lady accused Subway of putting a knife in her sandwich order

Nerice informed great Yarmouth Mercury that subway’s Instagram account contacted her and they would take action on the restaurant and they will revert to her.

Subway has not made any comment yet about the incident.

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