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New Measure Of The Law Of Protection And Rights Of Animals

The Central Executive, through the Ministry of Social Rights, has presented the draft law on Protection and Rights of Animals, a document that includes a series of measures aimed at protecting the integrity of animals, responsible coexistence and regulating their possession. .

Thus, this document will be submitted to public information and the objective is that it reaches the Council of Ministers before December 2021. As it is still a draft, there may be modifications, but one of the measures it establishes is that those who wish to Having a pet must first complete a training course .

A short, free online course
This is a complete novelty in terms of animal protection and will be a requirement for those who want to have a dog that will facilitate “responsible ownership of the animal”. Thus, through this basic training, the Government’s objective is for them to develop adequate knowledge “in the handling, care and possession of animals . ”

In this sense, the course will be free, will be held ‘online’ and will be mandatory, as well as the subscription of civil liability insurance. The content will be determined by regulation.

As explained by the general director of Animal Rights, Sergio García Torres, this course offers basic knowledge of civility and responsibility when having a pet, such as collecting excrement from the street.

What other measures does this law contemplate?
But, without a doubt, one of the most relevant aspects of this new law is the issue of zero sacrifice, that is, the prohibition of sacrificing companion animals. It could only be carried out “for health or euthanasia reasons.”

Those responsible for companion pets may not leave their animals unsupervised for a specified period. The regulations establish three days for any pet, but a maximum of 24 hours for dogs.

Likewise, the sale of fish will only be allowed in specialized animal stores, being prohibited the commercialization, exhibition and exhibition to the public of the rest of animals.

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