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New poster of Red Shows Off Next Villain, One Piece.

New poster of Red Shows Off Next Villain, One Piece.
New poster of Red Shows Off Next Villain, One Piece.

A new villain showing up in the one-piece is teasing the upcoming Film. This Summer, with a new poster red highlighting their debut. In Eiichiro Oda’s long-running franchise, The next major feature film will be hitting the theaters later across Japan, and there are many reasons why fans see how it all plays out who are already excited to. The new movie will be prominent, introducing some interesting new characters to the franchise.

Know about the first trailer one piece film-

One Piece Film’s first primary trailer, red, gave fans the first look at shanks’ daughter, Uta, and while there are still a lot of questions about the Film’s story and her role in it. Another clue fans have got as there is how it will all shake out with the newest poster, as we have seen many characters for each of the prominent characters in the poster. The Film One Piece is recently focusing on a new character named Gordon. A significant antagonistic presence he is going to be. 


Know who is the director –

Franchise director Goro Taniguchi Directed by Code Geass, is written by one Piece of Gold writer Tsutomu Kuroiwa. As creative producer Eiichiro Oda with the original series creator, beginning on 6th August, One Piece Film Red across Japan is currently scheduled to hit theaters. However, it is yet to confirm a release date or window for an international release writing the new Film. However, the fans are excited to see it as it introduces some of the significant ideas to the potential canon of the franchise as a whole. 

These are the includes of hopefully a proper story detail, but regardless that we can see what the new movie has to offer when in later summers it starts hitting theaters. 

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