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Tuition Will Rise in 91% of Schools After Pandemic Online Classes

After two years marked by losses caused by the new coronavirus pandemic 90.9% of private schools plan to readjust student tuition in the next school year.

The data, presented by a study by Meira Fernandes, show that the variations can exceed 12% a high evaluated by 9.1% of private educational institutions.

For more than half of the schools (53%), the readjustment studied must vary between 7% and 10%. Highs between 5% and 7% are planned by 16.7% of institutions and an increase between 10% and 11% is seen as adequate for 7.6% of schools.

Among the schools that wish to increase the tuition fee, 6.1% have not yet defined what is the appropriate adjustment. There are still 1.5% that estimate an increase between 1% and 3% and the other 6.1% expect to raise the slips by a percentage between 3% and 5%.

“We have been talking a lot with the maintainers and the market and we realized that the readjustments that are being considered are much more in character to replace current inflation and also a way to replace all the investments that were spent throughout 2020 and 2021”, says Mabely Meira Fernandes, director of the institute responsible for the research.

She cites that the increases are related to the losses caused by the adoption of new technologies to meet the demand for distance learning and, later, with hybrid education, which became mandatory.

The study also shows that none of the educational institutions surveyed have yet reached 100% of the target for re-enrollments intended for next year. Among them, almost two thirds (65.2%) have the balance of confirmed for 2022 in the range between 50% and 80% of what was planned.

When asked about expectations for the contingent of students for 2022, 34.8% of private educational institutions said they expected to recover 50% or more of classroom capacity in the next year.

Mabely highlights that school owners’ forecast takes into account that parents and guardians are waiting for the first installment of their 13th salary to be paid to renew their commitment to educational institutions.

“We realize that sponsors are also always open to dialogue and positive negotiation to avoid enrollment evasion. On the other hand, we have parents who are also looking for a fair balance in rates and want to avoid the shock of an unplanned change in enrollment. school for their children and the social and emotional strain it causes”, assesses the principal.

For Reinaldo Domingos, president of Abefin ​​(Brazilian Association of Financial Educators), parents cannot be afraid to talk to the school’s finance company and ask for discounts. “The sooner this conversation takes place, the greater the chance of being successful in the negotiation. A good argument for getting discounts is to check the possibility of bringing up tuition payments at the time of registration, so the school will have a safety signal that the values ​​will be paid all year,” he advises.

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