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NFL Halts Bengals-Bills game; Damar Hamlin Is Taken To Hospital Following Field Collapse

Damar Hamlin
Damar Hamlin; image credits - People

During the first quarter of Monday night’s game against the Bengals, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and required CPR. He is currently in a critical state at a Cincinnati emergency room. Later, the NFL revealed that Commissioner Roger Goodell had decided to postpone the game.

Damar Hamlin

Damar Hamlin; image credits – BBC

What Happened To Damar Hamlin?

After taking a severe blow to the upper body, Hamlin rose to his feet before falling limp to the ground. Before being loaded into an ambulance and taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, medical workers reportedly responded to him immediately and performed CPR on the scene. While Hamlin was on the field, players from both teams encircled him with terrified expressions on their faces and tears in their eyes.

Authorities initially informed players that they would have 5 min to warm up before the game resumed. That assertion was categorically denied by NFL Executive Vice President Troy Vincent, who maintained that the league office never mentioned resumed play. The game was temporarily postponed after talks between coaches Zac Taylor & Sean McDermott, during which time the players retired to the locker rooms. Later, the NFL made the game’s postponement official.

Damar Hamlin’s Early Life

In McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, Hamlin grew up. He attended Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Central Catholic High School. First-team All-State honors and Class AAAA Defensive Player of the Year were given to him. In his hometown of McKees Rocks, Hamlin began coordinating yearly Christmas toy drives in 2020. His GoFundMe page for his 2020 toy drive, which had a goal of $2,500, began seeing a significant rush of donors soon after his in-game collapse, generating almost $3,000,000 in donations in a couple of hours.

Damar Hamlin’s Net Worth

NFL player Hamlin is overseen by Vantage Management Group. The Buffalo Bills selected him with the 212th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, bringing him into the league. According to sources, Damar Hamlin has a net worth of $1 million. The Buffalo Bills player’s NFL salary over his career and endorsement deals account for the majority of his net worth. It’s vital to remember that draught picks with lower salaries often make a lot less money than those with higher salaries. You will soon see what Hamlin is expected to make because he comes into the first category.

NFL Contract for Damar Hamlin

Hamlin received a 4 yr(s) / $3,640,476 rookie deal after being selected by the Buffalo Bills in the 6th round of the 2021 Draft. His rookie contract is the typical one given to a draught pick in the sixth round. In addition, Hamlin’s initial NFL deal came with a $160,476 signing bonus, double his guaranteed sum. He was paid a basic salary of $660,000 under his contract in his first year with the Bills. He will receive an additional $825,000 this season. On his current contract, he will also be paid $940,000 in season 3 and $1,055,000 in his 4th one. In 2025, Hamlin will become an unrestricted free agent.


1. What is the net worth of Damar Hamlin?

Ans. $1 million

2. What is the age of Damar Hamlin?

Ans. 24 years old

3. When is Damar Hamlin’s birthday?

Ans. 24 March 1998

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