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Nick Cannon welcomes the 8th child with the fifth Baby Mama. son needed oxygen support after the birth.

Nick Cannon welcomes the 8th child with the fifth Baby Mama.

Nick Cannon And Bre had a son “legendary”. He was facing difficulty breathing after birth.

The baby was born with a “long crown”. This condition usually occurs when the hand of the baby is by his ear. Tiesi revealed the pregnancy video on social media. the video was 11 minutes old and thousands of people have watched it.

The model Bre Said noticed her son was not crying her wife used an air tube to help the baby breathe. when he cried it was the most beautiful sound of his life.

Bre posted her labor pain on social media:

Bre was in 10-hour labor pain and she said the intense birth had reduced her arrogance and she will try to remain humble in the future.

She added, “This was the most limit-pushing/painful moment yet completely empowering and beautiful.

“The intensity of birth takes over your whole body and I swear I was pushing so hard screaming and crying I started to break, I started doubting I could do it I kept saying why won’t he come, get him out.”

“At a certain point I had left my body I didn’t remember a lot of my birth until my team sat with me to process my birth which I felt was soo healing and helpful,” she continued before thanking her “amazing partner,” Cannon, for his support in the process.

her baby is 8 pounds and 10 ounces at the time of death.

In January nick and model publically declared that they are expecting a child and soon they will have more babies. it is nick’s habit to have as many children as he can. 

Nick Cannon welcomes the 8th child with the fifth Baby Mama.

Nick had a twin with his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Nick Cannon has had 8 children with 5 different women:

 after divorce in 2016 he had two children with Britteny bell in 2017 and 2020.” golden and powerful”

Cannon and DJ Abby De La Rosa’s twin boys, Zion and Zillion.

the same month he had another child with that Scott, 28 who died of brain cancer.

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