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Nicolas Toledo was killed in the Highland park mass shooting.

Nicolas Toledo was killed in the Highland park mass shooting.

Nicolas Toledo was confused about going to 4th July parade. He enjoyed walking so he thought there will be a lot of people and he can watch the parade with them. so he finally went to the parade as per his granddaughter Xochil Toledo. because he was an old man family went with him to take care of him and enjoy the show.

They were all watching the parade and music when the band was passing them.

“He was so happy,” she said. “Happy to be living in the moment.”.

They were unaware that someone has opened fire. suddenly they realized a white male was shooting bullets and 3 of the bullets hit him and his granddaughter. he was killed immediately on the scene.

Her father stood between Nichols and bullets. he was shot in the arm during the brave act. her father and cousin did not leave Nicholas alone and the crowd had been running scared.

One of the visitors with them was her boyfriend and he was hit in his back. someone took her male friend to the hospital because there was doubt that ambulances might not be sufficient.

“We were all in shock,”  “We were crying. We couldn’t believe all that had happened. We couldn’t breathe.” expressed Xochil Toledo.

“We are just very upset with everything going on,” she said. “We feel weak, numb.”

Nicholas came to visit his family from brazil:

Nicholas has spent all his life in Brazil and he came to us some months ago to see his family. he had met with an accident some years ago so his family wanted to keep him with them so they can take care of him.

Who was Nicolas Toledo?

He enjoyed cooking, fishing, and painting. he always liked to go out and meet people. He liked to prepare food and he relished eating at home. He was a jolly person who would joke about his wife taking his shoes.

“He was a sweet, caring grandfather,” Toledo said. “He wanted only the best for his kids and grandchildren.”

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