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Nicole Foltz, A Florida Mother, Was Injured In A Fire Pit

Nicole Foltz
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Five-times pregnant mother dies in a tragic backyard fire pit accident. Let’s examine her and the Florida mother fire pit disaster in greater detail.

Nicole Foltz: What Happened To Her?

A Florida mother of five died from burns that covered more than 100% of her body in a terrible backyard fire pit accident that also sent her son, age 11, to the hospital.

When Nicole Foltz, 38, and her husband Jeff were visiting friends last month, they started a fire in their Tarpon Springs home to keep the bugs away.

Nicole apparently tried to reignite the fire as Jeff entered the room, but it eventually died out. As he stated to Fox 13 News, “I had just entered and to my knowledge, she chose to try to maintain the fire, keep the fun going, and she added another log but there was no flame at all.

But she just had a feeling that it would relight if she added a little gas, and it did. According to Jeff’s theory, the explosion must have happened in her hands after travelling via the gas stream to the gas can. He assured his frightened wife that she had “truly stopped, dropped, and rolled as you are supposed to.” She tried her hardest to fight the flames, but they had nearly consumed her.

Nicole is “all around one of the greatest, genuine people,” says Foltz. She radiated a feisty aura. She was admired by all. He urged everyone to get familiar with and practise fire safety. I’d like not to read about this occurring to another family.

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The tragic mother spent many years managing and serving at the Tarpon Tavern, according to the family’s GoFundMe page.

Our community was devastated by Nicole Foltz’s tragic and unexpected death. Jeffrey, Nicole’s son, also suffered serious injuries in the backyard firepit tragedy. Please lend a hand as we band together to support Nicole’s other four children as well as her husband Jeff, the young Jeffrey, and Nicole.


1. What happened to Nicole Foltz?

A. Died due to gasoline explosion

2. Who was Nicole Foltz ?

A. A mother of 5 and residing in Florida State.

3. What is the name of her husband?

A. Jeff Foltz

4. How old was Nicole Foltz?

A. 38 years old

5. What was her height?

A. 1.57 m

6. What was her nationality?


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