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“No virgin vibes”: 13 claims about $ex with Prince Harry that “older woman” Sasha Walpole made

Sasha Walpole
Source: Perthnow

Sasha Walpole, who is now 40 years old, has asserted that she was the more mature lady who robbed Prince Harry of his virginity. She disclosed this information in an interview she gave with a British newspaper a few days after Prince Harry’s book Spare was published. In his tell-all book, Harry recounted how he had lost his virginity to an older lady, although he did not name any specific individual.

Royals: Sasha Walpole, 'older woman' Prince Harry lost virginity to, spills secrets on their relationship | PerthNow

Source: Perthnow

Sasha revealed the specifics of the claimed meeting with the Duke of Sussex and stated that she had maintained Harry’s secret for many years, despite the fact that he never bothered to warn her before bringing it up. Admirers of Harry and Meghan are taking aim at the woman for speaking to the media, while fans of the royal family are slamming the Duke for his response to Sasha’s interview.

A admirer of the Sussexes, who was taking aim at Sasha, remarked, “After finishing Spare, I had no idea who had taken Prince Harry’s virginity. I was completely clueless. It is a bit of a bloody stretch to argue that Prince Harry breached the woman in issue’s privacy in a hypocritical manner. The woman in question is talking to the media, and good luck to her if it’s paying well.”

She was going to be outed, so she took the decision evidently to take control of her tale, which was the response that royal expert Marlene Koenig gave when she came in to address the issue.

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