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Noah Galle Florida Based Teen Charged With Vehicular Homicide of 6 People

Noah Galle Florida Based Teen Charged With Vehicular Homicide of 6 People
Noah Galle Florida Based Teen Charged With Vehicular Homicide of 6 People

Noah Thomas Galle is an 18-year-old who belongs to Florida. The teen is accused of driving his BMW over 150mph and killing six people.

Who is Noah Galle? (Wiki, Age, Biography, Parents)

Noah Thomas Gale is now 18 years old and was known for driving BMWs at a high rate of speed and then posting it on his social media account.

Back in 2019, he recorded himself speeding through southeast Florida in a white BMW and later posted the videos on social media with a 

caption offering $25 on the cash app for guessing his correct rate of speed.

How did the Accident Occur?

On the evening of Jan. 27, 2018, Galle, driving a BMW at 151 mph, which 

struck a gray Nissan Rogue, which was driven at 38mph, causing the SUV to flip multiple times before coming to a halt. The car had six occupants. According to the reports, Galle’s vehicle jammed into the back of the Nissan Rogue, flipping it several times. The Nissan Rogue landed upside down. The Accident killed all the six passengers. Five of them were announced dead at the scene and one at Delray Medical Center.

Galle, who was 17, admitted that he was the driver of the BMW, which had no other occupant. A day after the Accident, the officials received a tip as an email that included screen-recorded videos from Galle’s Instagram account. He speeded on Interstate 95 and recorded himself driving at extremely high speeds.

The six victims were identified as-

  1. Mirlaine Julceus, 45 
  2. Remize Michel, 53
  3. Marie Louis, 60
  4. Michel Saint, 77
  5. Filaine Dieu, 46
  6. Vanice Percina, 29

The six were colleagues going back home from the farm they worked. 

On Feb. 24, the police issued a search warrant and acquired access to Galle’s Instagram account. The investigation found a video of Galle driving the BMW on I-95 at 182. After the court hearings, the judge ordered house arrest for Galle and asked his parents to supervise him, and he must not be allowed to drive and contact the victim’s families.

On Thursday, the judge ordered Galle to be sent to a hospital to undergo a mental health evaluation before he returned home.

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