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Noel Hanna, an Irish climber of some renown, perished on a peak in Nepal.

Noel Hanna, an Irish climber of some renown, perished on a peak in Nepal.
Source: Surprise sports

There have been reports of the death of an Irish climber who made history by being the first Irish person to reach the summit of one of the world’s highest mountains. On the evening of April 17, after returning from the peak of Mount Annapurna, Noel Hanna reportedly passed away at Camp IV.

The peak lies in the Annapurna mountain range in the Gandaki Province of north-central Nepal. During her descent from the peak, record-holding Indian climber Baljeet Kaur vanished at Camp IV.

It was announced this morning that she was discovered alive after being thought dead. The company Mourne Mountain Adventures is affiliated with released the following statement upon learning of Noel Hanna’s departure: “Very grieved to hear of the loss of Noel Hanna this morning, local to the Mournes Noel was the first person from Ireland to successfully climb K2, and unbelievably he scaled the peak of Everest 10 times.

Noel Hanna, an Irish climber of some renown, perished on a peak in Nepal.

Source: GH Gossip

Such a fantastic man and one of Northern Ireland’s greatest Mountaineers, it’s comforting to know that he died doing what he loved.

All who knew Noel will miss him dearly; I had the honour of interviewing him twice.

My deepest sympathies to Lynne and their family on the loss of Noel.

This is terrible news to wake up to,” Councilwoman Laura Devlin remarked. I first encountered Noel during my time at the Burrendale Gym, and he was the consummate gentleman.

An athlete is an understatement when describing him. He was an exceptional mountaineer who scaled Everest repeatedly.

Who was Noel Hanna?

Famous Irish athlete, explorer, and climber Noel Hanna. His untimely death at the hands of the challenging Annapurna Mountains has garnered media attention.

He grew raised in the little town of Dromara in Northern Ireland. He has a wife and kids. Lynne, his wife, is the chief executive officer of a cosmetics company. He was 56 years old when he passed away.

Noel Hanna Career

Noel Hanna, a famous endurance athlete and adventurer, is credited with 10 ascents of Mount Everest and the creation of the Spartan Race. He has also served as a bodyguard in the past.

The Himalayan 100-mile Stage Race, the Adrenalin Rush 5-Day Adventure Race, and the Ukatak 5-Day Adventure Race in Quebec are just a few of the races he has won. He has also competed in the Appalachian Extreme 4-Day Adventure Race, Badwater 135, and the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara Desert.

In 21 hours and 50 minutes, he did the Maxtrek equivalent of climbing to the peak of Mount Everest and back down to sea level.

Cause of death of Noel Hanna

The circumstances of his death are mysterious, according to Yubaraj Khatiwada, a spokesperson of Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism. At Camp 4, the last stop before the summit, Noel Hanna was found dead in his tent. Seven Summit Treks, an adventure travel firm, flew to the Annapurna base camp and returned Hanna’s body to Kathmandu.

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