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Nollywood actor David Osagie is dead, in her sleep and didn’t wake up

David Osagie is dead

David Osagie, the Nollywood actor, has died. After, he was on the movie set for 24 hours. On Wednesday, his death was announced by Ngozi Ezeh, one of his friends and actor. His friend has said before his death that he was not sick previously. She just slept and can not wake up again. On Tuesday, he was there on the set of the movie.

Know what was said by one of his fellow actors-

His friend said they do not want to say, but they have to say that we lost another Nollywood king. He was there, Sir David and even though he was not sick, death happened suddenly. 

They said we could not say that we lost one of the gems, David, the Nollywood actor. She concludes her saying by Oh Lord, have mercy. I mourn again, oh,”. We are saying that sir David Osagie is no longer with us heartbroken.

 David Osagie is dead

Know what an actor is known for-

For playing a king role in most of the movies, actor David was known, and also he died on the set of the movie he was there. One of the Ngozi Ezeh Nollywood actresses has confirmed his death, and also she said that he was not sick, but he had gone to sleep and did not wake up the next day. 

She wrote on Instagram that “ she hates to say, but we have lost David Hollywood king, Sir David. He was also a producer, scriptwriter, and professional talent developer. He was living with his wife and children.

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