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Ollie Tutt: Sainsbury’s worker was sacked after his TikTok video went viral.

Ollie Tutt
Ollie Tutt

Ollie Tutt, 19, posted a video on the popular app on March 24 complimenting his work as a grocery delivery driver and calling his clients’ f*****g beautiful.’ Since then, the video has received over 450,000 likes and 3.8 million views. Despite the video’s viral success, the 19-year-old said he was sacked from his job a week after it was released. “If you want an easy career, just go work at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and do this delivering s**t,” the adolescent stated in his original TikTok.

“It’s the simplest work I’ve ever had, the greatest paid job I’ve ever had, and I’m truly cared about,” she says. I don’t do anything; I wait on the side of the road for these drops to happen. “All of the customers are f******g great, and I haven’t had a single time when they’ve been a pain in the neck.” “Don’t work in the shop, though; it’s s**t and dull,” he continued. If you want to accomplish a simple task, do this.”

The teen believes in the video led to him being sacked:

Despite his feelings, Ollie confessed that the video didn’t go well with his management and that it had ‘created a bit of a problem’ for him in another tape a few days later. “That video gained a lot more attention than I expected it would and caused a bit of an issue,” the Eastbourne native added. My manager informed me that the shop manager didn’t seem to mind but that it was terrible for the company since I swore on the video, “which is clear because it doesn’t look good on them.”

Ollie’s woes didn’t end there, as he declared in a video update on April 3 that the grocery behemoth had fired him. “Yep, I got dismissed, and now I’m scared about how I’m going to pay my rent in a week,” the adolescent informed his followers.

Ollie Tutt Sainsbury's worker was sacked after his TikTok video went viral.

Ollie didn’t want to take care of these situations:

Ollie claims he was fired due to shame and policy violations and for not caring enough about the problem. “It’s not like they’re a multi-billion-pound corporation that cares about a single video,” he added. “Yep, you were all correct about me losing my job, go f**k yourself.” I’m going to apply for new employment right now.” “We cannot discuss particular coworker instances,” a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman stated. Any decision to reconsider a colleague’s employment is made with care and is based on a number of considerations.”

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