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Omaha Shooting: Who was Steven Docken?

Steven Docken
Source: KLKN-TV

In the shooting, three people died, including two Omaha police officers. Let’s find out more about what happened in Omaha.

What happened in the Omaha shooting?

In the shooting in Omaha, two police officers were shot, and another person was hurt. They were sent to Nebraska Medicine.

At first, there were rumours that Dino’s storage was being broken into. The authorities say that at about 10:30 p.m., officers from the Uniform Patrol Bureau were sent to Dino’s Storage.

Officers went to 53rd and Center after getting a call about a break-in that was happening there.

The police were called when a man broke into a first-floor storage container that had a gun case and bullets.

Property management helped the police officers get into the storage facility. They confronted a man in his late 30s, and then there was a fight and gunfire.

steven docken Archives - KLKN-TV

Source: KLKN-TV

Who did the crime?

When police tried to talk to the man, who turned out to be 39-year-old Steven Docken, he was still inside an unlocked storage container.

As soon as Docken saw the police, he ran down a hallway. Police chased after Docken and told him several times to stop running.

When the police caught up to Docken, there was a fight. Officers and Docken fired their guns back and forth. Docken died right where he was.

The Omaha Police Department has found out who the man was who was killed Monday night in a shooting that also involved two officers.

Omaha shooting

Gunfight between police and suspect: The police officers and suspect got into a gunfight. Both officers’ legs were hit by gunfire, and Docken was hit several times.

Even though CPR was done on Docken, he died there. Nearby, a gun was found. Both officers were taken to the University of Nebraska Medical Center with injuries that did not put their lives in danger.

Omaha Police says that as of Tuesday morning, one officer had been sent home from the hospital.

The investigation is still going on. Both of the police officers who were there were wearing cameras that were recording the event.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Nebraska State Patrol are helping with the investigation.

The police officers are on paid administrative leave and will be asked questions.

The Omaha police chief, Todd Schmaderer, said that the person who was shot was dead and that two officers were in good shape. He said that an ambulance took one officer and another officer took the other.

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