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On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, The official attack video of paras has gone viral.

On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, The official attack video of paras has gone viral.
On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, The official attack video of paras has gone viral.

A well-known Youtuber, Paras is well known for publishing BGMI videos on his youtube channel. On youtube, Twitter, and Reddit, the official attack Video of Paras has gone Viral and is currently trending in the news, and it is due to his videos that he is in the news. He is not making news for any right reasons, but he was recently involved in an incident. There are a few men who assaulted the Youtuber Paras after he spoke against adopting illegal methods to become a big social media creator. 

Know about the Paras Official Attack Video-

Youtuber paras are one of those creators. By creating videos for the BGMI community, he has become a well-known content developer. Many of the content makers in social media have grown to notoriety by creating gaming videos and live streaming their gaming seasons.

BGMI has a sizable fan base in India. There is no denying that, and then Paras understands how to capitalize on it. The roster of well-known game content developers his name has now been added to this. Paras’ YouTube channel just passed the 800,000 subscribers a few days ago.

Know who Is Paras-

To obtain social media popularity, he believed organically. He raised his voice and voiced his opposition to the illicit method of gaining a popularity rating in the BGMI group. There is some the procedure for gaining popularity in which players gain ratings by receiving gift cards from other players; many of the players were making efforts to gain popularity through a carding system in which players receive gifts in large quantities. According to the Youtuber above, this method is considered illegal.

Many youtube users had said against paras when he spoke out against the carding system, including “Daku,” a well-known player. In violence, this situation is eventually devolved into. According to the recent report, 7 or 8 men beat up on Paras. The men stormed into his home and assaulted Paras with iron rods and other lethal weapons. According to Daku, the assaulted Youtuber, there is one of the 7 or 8 individuals who assaulted him.

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