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One punch man chapter 162 spoilers on Reddit, Release Date

One punch man chapter 162 spoilers on Reddit, Release Date
One punch man chapter 162 spoilers on Reddit, Release Date

One punch man is one of the most loved and watched anime series. This is one of the anime for beginners. However, most fans believe that it is a masterpiece.

The story is amazing; this series’s actions, thriller, and suspense are awesome and top-notch.

One punch man chapter 162 spoiler on Reddit

If a person likes to read manga rather than watching it as anime, then it would be awesome that you would know the story before any of the anime watchers.

The new chapter of one punch is released. The chapter is 169. In this chapter, there will be the continuation of the fight between Daurana and Garou. The hero hunter has also appeared, and he has forgotten something. He realises that someone has entered the battlefield, and he is also very wary of this individual.

Then the hero hunter called one punch man to stop this fight. The hero hunter tries his best to stop all this, but nothing happens. Then one punch man appears on the scene and punches both of them. Both of them got hit, and they were hurting very much. Finally, they decided to stop this fight and listen to him. The reason for the fight is revealed in the last chapter.


One punch man chapter 169 release date:

Many sources predicted that the new chapter would be released in some upcoming days, but no one had any exact information about the release. If we check the official Twitter page of the anime series to check the release date, we will find that they have not mentioned anything like that and just showed images of the anime.

It is hard to say if it will release this month, but we can say that it is possible to be released between April 30th, 2022, and May 20th, 2022, at 12:00 A.M. People are excited to read the new chapter, so we hope it gets released soon.

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